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Sep 22, 2012 4:00pm PDT
race is officially on. president obama and governor romney accepting their respective party's presidential nominations at their conventions, the parties pulling out all the stops, bringing in clint eastwood and former president bill clinton to stir up support for their candidates. the conventions not only giving both parties a morale boost, but a financial one, as well. for the first time in four months, president obama's campaign raising more money than romney's, bringing in more than $114 million in august, with romney coming in just $3 million less. both candidates continuing to campaign across the country, with romney making his way through his home state of massachusetts and president obama getting a lift from a local florida pizza owner. [ explosion ] [ siren wails ] a wave of attacks in iraq, killing and wounding hundreds, making it one of the bloodiest days this year. iraqis clearing through rubble after car bombs tear through at least 11 mostly shiite cities. in one of the deadliest attacks, gunmen storming a small iraqi army outpost, killing at least 10 soldiers an
Sep 22, 2012 9:00am EDT
the house voted on friday. it now heads to president obama's desk to sign. congress also agreed on a joint resolution pushing for economic pressure against iran. one issue not brought up is the bush era tax cuts which expire at the end of the year. congress is now on break and will return to session after the november election. >>> pakistani officials say a u.s. drone attack killed four suspected militants in pakistan. officials say a u.s. drone fired two missiles at a vehicle this morning in the northwest part of the country along the afghan border. the identities of the men have not been released. the u.s. has not confirmed the report yet. pakistan has demanded the u.s. stop using missile strikes in its country. >>> today protesters across the world are expected to demonstrate against natural gas drilling. organizers say the process pollutes water and makes people sick. the u.s. environmental protection agency or epa and many state regulators say the drilling can be done safely. they say natural gas production has grown, adding jobs and lowering prices for the industry and consumers. the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2